This Memorial is Dedicated To

Lorraine Mantha

Who Died On

Febuary 3rd, 2006

In Timmins, Ontario

Lorraine and I met on the internet on the

3rd of November, 2000

In January of 2001 i went to Timmins to meet Lorraine

and we drove to Sudbury and spent 10 wonderfull days together

and stayed at Fentons Bed and Breakfast

the best B&B i have ever stayed at.

Click here for pictures of our stay in Sudbury

Lorraine and I continued to talk to each other

using both the phone and instant messanger's

In August of 2002 I once again traveled to Timmins

but this time i stayed with Lorraine at her House.

Over the next two years I traveled between

Nova Scotia and Ontario a number of times.

While in Ontaio Lorraine and I visited with her

Brothers and Sisters in Law in Kirkland Lake.

Click here for pictures

In the Summer of 2003 Lorraine and I traveled to

Nova Scotia and Southern Ontario

So that she could meet my family and

Put her feet in Salt Water

See the highest Tides in the World at Digby

For Pictures of the Trip Click here

I am going to add some pictures of Lorraine

that i have taken over the short time we had together.

Click here for more Pictures

When i had to leave Timmins

it was very hard for me

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