Lorraine at Heartland, New Brunswick, this is the Worlds longest

Covered Bridge 1282 Feet long (390 Meters)


Lorraine at the Border to Nova Scotia


You see there really is a Pardise on Earth, and Lorraine was there.


High Tide at Digby, it was a bit foggy at that time.

Note the hight water and the boats in the background.


Lorraine was thinking that now she is down the steps,

she has to climb back up again.

This shows you the change in the water level that happens every 6 hours, 30 feet (9 Meters)


Yes that's Lorraine with her feet in Salt water for the first time in her life.


Of course no trip to Nova Scotia is complete without a vist to

Peggys Cove Lighthouse


Halifax Public Gardens, this Rhododendron bush is not there now

Hurricane Juan did a lot of damage in Halifax



Lorraine first sail on a sail boat on my brothers boat on Georgian Bay.


Lorraine at Oaklawn Farm Zoo.