My name is Lee Roger Bailey, and I never lie when I am on the net,,, I know a lot of people that do,, but not me,
I was born on July 9th. 1943in England and left there to move to Canada when I was 14, with my parents.

I lived in Toronto for 9 years and that is where I met my first wife,, she was from Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada. and that is where we were married. She divorced me after 13 years because she loved her job more than me,,, lol

I met my second wife at a small theatre that i was techinnal director at,, and we were married and had 3 children and then after 16 years she had a breakdown and we could not stay together, so she left me on October 31, 1996. and went to England to meet someone she had met on the net, and I got the kids,,
and I have had a great time bringing them up,, and I even adopted one more after she left,,,

I worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for 19 years and was an audio engineer and recorded many artists and concerts. I then worked as a Program director for a cable tv company untill 1996, that is when the second wife left me, I am almost retired now, work part time, and work on computer systems for people.

I met Lorraine on line in 1999 and moved to Timmins, a city in northern Ontario, on July 1, 2004. On Febuary 3, 2006 Lorraine died from cancer after a short time in hospital, she was a great lady and i loved her very much, and as long as i have memories of our short time together, then she will always be with me
So you see I have some experience with life,,, and I will give out all the advice any one will listen to.. and it is free as well... <<<smiling>>>

In 2009 I moved back the Annapolis Valley, in Nova Scotia and continue to work on computers and do some Audio consulting.

Well i hope that this tells you a little about me and my life.

always keep smiling, and remember that there are some good guys out here,, honest,,